Choosing the Right Surround to compliment Your Glass Shower Doors in NJ

When it comes to glass shower doors, NJ homeowners want all aspects of the shower to match the beauty and functionality of the doors. Shower wall surrounds will compliment those doors if they are custom installed as well. While it’s possible to find good quality shower wall panels at a big box retailer, choosing the right type and having it custom installed are what makes the difference.

When you go to remodel your shower, your goal is to upgrade, which is why most people use tile. There are an almost infinite number of variations available, so your Image Glass design consultant can help you match your style based on the shower and overall bathroom design.

For the better-looking shower wall panels, using decorative PVC composite faux stone wall panels and solid surface the pricing will be comparable to tile. Once again, this is more likely with professional installation.

Often people with custom sized showers choose tile because they assume (incorrectly) this is their only option. For example, solid surface shower wall panels can be pre-cut to the exact size of your walls, which saves time. Other panels (like high gloss and the decorative faux stone panels) are simple to take standard sizes and cut to fit odd sized or shaped walls, vaulted ceiling or angled corners.

glass shower partition

The nice thing about remodeling is that it is your vision come to life while still adhering to a reasonable budget. Of course, there are some important considerations that should not be strictly dictated by budget. For example, it can cost a little more to run the panels to the ceiling, but the aesthetic and practical aspects of lower maintenance make it worthwhile.

Before you remodel your shower take time to research the best options for you. At Image Glass, we encourage our clients to put together picture representations of things that they like so that your design specialist can how they fit your budget and your overall design.

When it comes to glass shower doors, NJ homeowners want custom panels that are just as beautiful and practical as the doors themselves. At Image Glass, our glass installer and design experts have a great deal of knowledge about all of the options that compliment your glass shower doors and the best practices for use and installation. This enables them to ensure your satisfaction and safety today and tomorrow. To learn more about how the Image Glass team can help you to achieve beauty, efficiency, safety, and comfort with each installation, call us at 732-438- 8551 to speak to one of our glass specialists.

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