Exploring the Options of Frosted Glass Shower Doors

frosted shower doors

Not every homeowner wants clear glass shower doors for their bathroom, which can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from how the family uses it and privacy concerns to purely aesthetic preferences. Frosted shower glass is both decorative and practical via their privacy feature, but still allow light to get into the enclosure.

Professional design and installation experts like Image Glass can provide frosted shower glass. Generally speaking, frosted glass is created by acid etching, or sandblasting clear glass. This process can be done at the end stage of manufacturing or in the design shop through post fabrication processes. Regardless of what type of glass shower doors you choose, frosted glass not only offers privacy, it incorporates texture and style to any room. This type of glass is remarkable in that it adapts to the style of any interior decorator and is a perfect complement to most other accents in your bathroom.

In addition to the production methods for frosting glass employed by experts there are companies that have developed window film that gives shower glass a frosted look. This non-adhesive film works through static cling, so if it’s applied by a homeowner that doesn’t get it quite right rather than by a professional it can be reapplied. More durable methods use adhesive-backed film, which is similar to the method of tinting car windows, so it’s far more permanent on first application. In addition, there are spray solutions for frosting glass shower doors that are more involved in terms of preparation, but also lend themselves to artistic expression through stenciling. While etching is best performed by Image Glass professionals through pre or post fabrication methods, this brush applied cream method can be done DIY, but it is fully permanent.

Aside from shower enclosures, frosted glass can serve multiple functions in your bathroom such as via partitions between commode and tub or for bathroom windows. Replacing your bathroom windows with frosted privacy glass will keep the outside world from peeking inside, while still allowing in an abundance of natural light. If you’ve already designed your glass shower doors with frosted glass, the addition of frosted glass windows creates a nice balance in design as well as in privacy.

At Image Glass, every New Jersey glass installer is an expert that understands all aspects of different types of glass and where they are best utilized. The goal is to ensure your satisfaction and safety today and tomorrow. To learn more about how each Image Glass Installer can help you to achieve beauty, efficiency, safety, and comfort with each installation, call us at 732-438- 8551 to speak to one of our glass specialists.

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