Are Low Maintenance Glass Coatings Right for Your Custom Glass Shower Doors?

When it comes to your new custom glass shower doors, the time to think about how to keep them clean is in the planning stages long before you purchase them or have them installed. While you may have heard of low maintenance glass coatings as one method, is that the best solution for you? No solution is right for every user, but here are some of the facts surrounding glass coatings.


Low-maintenance glass coatings have been around for some time in the residential and commercial glass market. Many claims and promises have been made about their benefits and capabilities. but generally, they help protect shower enclosures from stains like hard water spots via a low-maintenance coating.

These coatings are either classified hydrophobic, meaning they repel water, or hydrophilic, meaning they attract water. Both types of coatings fill in the microscopic peaks and valleys present in virtually every glass surface, resulting in a smoother surface.

The Hydrophobic coatings create a surface that repels water and the minerals it carries, so fewer drops can stick to and dry on the glass, resulting in fewer spots. In theory, this makes it easier to clean the glass with fewer spots that are easier to remove. Hydrophilic coatings create a surface that attracts water, which runs off in sheets and carries away any loose materials. The remaining water that sticks to the glass is spread out, so it deposits the mineral content broadly, and staining isn’t immediately noticeable.

While these solutions mean that you have to clean your custom glass shower doors less frequently, they can add costs and are best applied by professionals. In fact, some of these coatings are applied by the manufacturer before the glass arrives in the shop for final assembly.

For most people, the operative term in all of this is that you have to clean “less often.” That means that you must still clean the glass regularly by other means, but less often. This may be a good solution for homes with children that are unlikely to squeegee the glass after use. For many, the traditional cleaning methods of keeping your custom glass shower doors looking beautiful will do just fine.
Just as with the design of your shower enclosure and the customs shower doors, it’s best to consult with your Image Glass professionals in the initial design phase. The initial design conversations always take into account how you intend to use the new shower enclosure and factor in user profiles. That provides an opportunity to discuss if coatings are right for you.

At Image Glass, our expert glass designers and installers work with you to design custom shower doors that not only meet your aesthetic needs but also your safety needs and how you live. By letting us partner with you on the design, our experienced design professionals can help you to make the best choices without any undue costs or compromises.

To learn more about how Image Glass can help you achieve beauty, efficiency and safety with custom glass shower doors and installations as part of bathroom redesigns, call us at 732-438- 8551 to speak to one of our glass specialists.

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