Considerations for Your Custom Shower Doors for a Frameless Steam Shower


Saunas may not be for everybody, but some homeowners dream of having one as part of their bathroom remodel. It’s possible to have your combined shower and sauna with a steam shower. Steam showers provide a wealth of benefits such as reducing congestion, opening your airways and fantastic muscle therapy for relaxing tense muscles after a workout. In addition to the particulars of what is needed for a steam shower, you’ll need to understand how this affects the design and installation aspects of your custom shower doors.

A great steam shower requires that custom glass shower doors and the parts be designed to the highest possible standard. In particular, they must be constructed to the highest level of vapor proofing available. Glass panels that extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling will help contain the steam in the shower and provide the elegant look of a frameless shower. There are many glass panels and shower enclosure styles to fit any type of bathroom layout and the glass can be custom cut to fit your particular shower.

Steam shower doors must utilize high performing vapor proof gaskets and tempered safety glass to provide the tightest steam seal possible. Steam shower doors swing on a hinge that is also completely encased in vapor proof. The door will swing out allowing for easy and safe entering and exiting from the unit.

Your Image Glass design and installation team can consult with you on all of the features that the shower doors will need for a steam shower. When it comes to glass installation, we will work with your construction and plumbing contractor to coordinate the installation schedule of the specific parts that will make this a steam shower. Our team will also go over bathroom remodeling recommendations so that your bathroom is properly ventilated and designed to meet the requirements of a frameless steam shower.

Ventilation design considerations will likely include a transom as part of the custom shower door design to keep mold away through proper ventilation. These horizontal windows are positioned directly above the shower door entrance. The vents are opened when you complete your shower in order to release the steam. Other design considerations are having an exhaust fan directly in front of the transom to direct the airflow out of your shower.

The fixtures for creating the steam don’t have to be highly expensive or elaborate as there are numerous portable lightweight shower steamers on the market. While they can be DIY, it may be a good idea to work with your plumbing contractor to ensure that it’s done to the highest standard possible.

At Image Glass, our designers and glass installation experts understand all aspects of how to create the type of shower enclosure that you envision. The goal is to ensure your satisfaction and safety today and tomorrow. To learn more about how the Image Glass team can help you to achieve beauty, efficiency, safety, and comfort with each installation, call us at 732-438- 8551 to speak to one of our glass specialists.

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