A NJ Glass Installer Explains What To Expect From Cold Weather Window Installs

Whether it’s one window or several, homeowners in New Jersey don’t always get a choice in replacement schedules. Although winter is upon us, it’s not necessarily the best choice to wait until warmer weather. To be honest, most homeowners that desire to wait until warmer weather often revolves around the cold weather entering your home during installation. You should know that having the right glass installer in New Jersey can allay those fears of bringing the winter indoors during the process. Consequently, here is what you should expect from the right glass installer for a cold weather install.


Proper Planning

When doing cold weather installations or any installation or repair, the best installers will plan ahead and provide an outline to the homeowner of how the project will unfold before the work begins. That will reduce the number of entries and exits for the job as well as the amount of time that window openings are bringing in the cold air.

Proper Glass Preparedness

Prior to removing the old product, your installation expert should be double-checking the opening measurements to make sure it will accept the new glass. These measurements should match the finished glass specifications to ensure the right product is being installed. By doing this before the removal of the old glass both before the glass leaves the shop and again when it arrives onsite, the expert installer ensures that the right glass with the right dimensions and specifications matches the right window and frame opening.

Proper Home Protection from Elements and Dirt

The best glass installer in New Jersey will plan for floor padding to protect against dirt, snow, water or construction debris that might be tracked into the house. Other things that are done before the project begins would be to hang plastic over nearby openings to reduce the amount of cold air entering the home and to reduce dust transmission. Delicate hanging items are removed from nearby walls, and when necessary or possible, temporary weather barriers are created to close off the installation area from the rest of the house. Most importantly, they will check that all tools and supplies are in place before work begins.

Methodical Glass Removal Process

It might be more efficient to do it differently, but in cold or other extreme weather conditions, it’s best for the homeowner if the installer works on one opening at a time to reduce the weather exposure inside your home. That means working from beginning to completion on each window before moving to the next.

At Image Glass, each expert glass installer works with homeowners so that every aspect of an installation is covered before the project begins. The goal is to ensure that you are satisfied from the first meeting to the final installation inspection and beyond.

To learn more about how each Image Glass Installer can help you to achieve beauty, efficiency, safety, and comfort with each installation, call us at 732-438- 8551 to speak to one of our glass specialists.

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